Application Deadline for Career Center Quickly Approaching

Time is running out for incoming juniors and seniors to apply for a New Castle Career Center program or Early College for the 2020-21 school year. By participating in either of these options, students can gain insight to their future careers, accumulate college credits, and experience what college will entail.

The New Castle Career Center offers 17 different programs for students to participate in ranging from education careers to welding. Students can explore careers, develop skills, and gain on-the-job experience. By participating in these programs, students can get a head start in the job market or decide how best to focus as they move toward the future.

“The Education Careers program has been so beneficial and a great way to gain hands-on experience,” noted Zoe Conway, New Castle Career Center and New Castle High School student. “The education program has grown my love for teaching and ensured my decision that teaching is the career for me!”

The Early College program is offered at the New Castle Ivy Tech campus for incoming seniors. Within this program, students will participate in four college courses: Anatomy, Art Appreciation, English, Psychology, and Public Speaking. These courses are prerequisites for most undergraduate degrees, giving participants 12 credits towards their desired degree.

“The Early College program has been one of the most helpful things in preparing me for what attending Ball State will entail,” explained Brooklyn LaMar, Early College and Hagerstown High School student. “Through the program, I’ve gained better time management, new perspectives by meeting new students, and gotten a taste of what college professors will expect of me.”

If students would like to participate in a career program or the Early College program, applications are due February 21. Applications can be accessed at each home schools counselor’s office or by visiting