Community Partnerships Boost New Castle Career Center Precision Machining Program

The Precision Machining program at the New Castle Career Center (NCCC) is continually striving to improve the program and provide practical application for students. Each week, employees from Crown Equipment and Hoosier Feeder Company take a day to spend time in the NCCC machine shop. 

These employees take the time to educate students on professionalism, how to transition into the workforce, and provide hands-on training. Not only do the companies share their employees with the program, but they also donate items that the class might need such as cutters, tools, and steel.

Media coverage of the precision machining program sparked an additional partnership with Taurus Tool and Engineering, based in Muncie. The company made a monetary donation to the program and had specialty items made for all the precision machining students. 

These partnerships combine to provide a crucial link to students as they continue their education and prepare to enter the workforce. Students gain practical knowledge and career mentors. 

Junior precision machining student Jackson Stephenson, Eastern Hancock High School, shared his experience working with Scott Reasoner from Crown Equipment, “Scott really helps prepare us for the workforce by going in-depth and explaining how and where certain skills will be used in a factory setting.”

Second-year precision machining student Ben Jacobs, Tri Jr. Sr. High School, utilized his skills learned from Scott Reasoner and Cody (graduated Precision Machining student) to land a high-profile internship with Major Tool and Engineering in Indianapolis. 

“Cody and Mr. Reasoner are both vital assets to our program. Mr. Reasoner, being a seasoned tool and die maker brings experience to the table, which has been built by years of productivity in the field of machining. Cody, being a younger member of the trade brings a fresh perspective as to how problems in the shop should be solved,” Jacobs explained. “Cody has a willingness to both learn and teach computer skills which are becoming so vital in the shop, like the use of CAD/CAM software. Mr. Reasoner and Cody are valuable to the career center, and its students.”

The New Castle Career Center is continually looking to expand community partnerships and offers 17 programs that students can take advantage of during their junior/senior year of high school. For more information, visit