Computer Operations Career Program Continues to Serve Community

When students join the New Castle Career Center Computer Operations program, they not only learn key skills, they also have the opportunity to assist the community with projects throughout this school year. Computer Operations is a career program open to juniors and seniors and can be a one or two-year program. During this program, students learn the functionality of hardware and software components of a computer as well as best practices in maintenance and safety issues. 

The students worked with local schools by installing BenQ Interactive Boards at Eastwood Elementary and new TVs in the Dental Science and Culinary Arts classrooms. They also put together a sound system for the EMT classroom and set up computers at the new Adult Basic Education Center in New Castle.

This program immerses students in technical challenges and teaches real-world skills for career readiness. Drone programming may be implemented into the curriculum for the next school year. Drones are the technology of choice for future aerial transportation. 

Along with helping in the community, students in the Computer Operations program have the opportunity to earn college credits and certifications during their time in the career program. First-year students can earn a TestOut PC Pro Certification, while second-year students can test for TestOut Network Pro Certification and CompTIA A+ Certification.

“Computer Operations has greatly improved my knowledge of Computers and IT in general. It has helped me prove my computer knowledge and how I can help others with their computer issues,” explained Computer Operations student Nathaniel Cape. “I have been able to go to multiple places all over New Castle to help different places with their computer problems. I have greatly enjoyed doing so and it has been a pleasure to help. I could not have helped in the way I was able to without the help of this program. It has been very instrumental in my education and my plans for after high school.”

While in the program, students also work internships with local companies and community organizations as part of their required coursework. Those who have completed this program continue on to work in a variety of IT professional positions. 

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