Culinary Arts Program: Upcoming Fundraisers

The New Castle Career Center Culinary Arts Program is spearheading two fall fundraisers to raise money for their program. The students go through a large number of ingredients during food labs, and the money will help to underwrite some of those costs. 

The culinary students will be responsible for planning the menu for the October 16 Pig Roast hosted by Shirley Pumpkin and Peddlers. The students will plan the menu, budget for the food ingredients needed, and produce and serve food.

“Students will not only further their skills by having guest interactions and being hands-on in the kitchen,” Program Instructor Robin Rinehart explained. “They will also be able to make food on a large production scale and see the work it takes to plan, hold, and cater to food.”

The Culinary Arts Program is also partnering again this year with the Health Occupations Program in selling cheeseballs. The students will be selling cheeseballs from October 12- November 5. To fill orders, students will be responsible for learning how to mass-produce the cheeseballs.

“Last year, we sold and produced almost 2,000 cheeseballs,” added Rinehart. “The students are thrilled to experience the cheeseball fundraiser.”

Cheeseballs can be purchased through the New Castle Career Culinary Arts Facebook page. Send the page a direct message with order requests and preferred payment method.

“The cheeseballs are easy to stock up on for the holidays,” Robin noted. “They can be frozen for up to six months and just need to be thawed before serving.

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