Dental Program Students Lead Education Efforts And Prepare For Internships

During the month of February, New Castle Career Center (NCCC) Dental Career program students kept very busy. They celebrated National Children’s Dental Health and learned how to educate young children on consistent oral hygiene.

The students are visiting preschool and elementary schools to share the importance of keeping teeth healthy. This program is beneficial to students because it allows them to narrow down whether pediatric dentistry is something they are interested in for their future careers.

“To prepare for the elementary visits, I put myself in the mind of a 1st grader. When you think as they do, it’s easier for them to learn from you,” explained Bre Taulbee, Senior Dental Career student. “I found brainstorming ideas on how certain foods may be beneficial and other foods have disadvantages to being the focal point of our presentation.”

Senior students also completed their dental radiology training applied for their Radiology Safety and Health Exam. Students are also planning their internships that will begin in April. NCCC has relationships with several dental offices in the community to allow students to complete internships close to home.

“I feel ready for internships because as a class we have worked so hard the past two years to learn and perfect certain skills in order to be ready to go out to the office,” Leslie Conover, Senior Dental student noted. “We have all devoted our time and put an immense amount of effort to truly understand what we have been learning. I can honestly say that I am very excited for what is to come and can’t wait to start putting my skills to use during my internship.”

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