Finding Success Through Career Center’s Engineering Program

Today’s students are faced with important decisions that impact their career path. The New Castle Career Center aims to help students in this decision-making process. Drew Greenwood chose to attend New Castle Career Center as a high school student, and that decision led to a successful career in engineering. 

Dave Allen is the current instructor in the Engineering Program at the New Castle Career Center. 

“This class introduced Drew to the basics of engineering,” Allen noted. “He learned how to look at problems as challenges rather than obstacles, and in doing so, learned to find solutions.”

During his time in the Engineering Program, Drew solidified his passion to pursue an engineering career, and he graduated from high school and the Career Center in 2016. Drew is now the Senior Maintenance Team Leader at BWI Group in Greenfield, Indiana. In this role, Drew is responsible for the maintenance of the entire facility. 

BWI Group has approximately one million square feet of manufacturing equipment and material transportation systems. Drew leads a maintenance team managing equipment breakdowns and failures along with new equipment assembly and installation. Drew regularly uses the foundational skills he learned in the engineering program to successfully lead his team. 

Drew is happy with his career choice. He loves his job at BWI and is looking forward to his future. 

Allen has been teaching a variety of programs through the Career Center for the last 12 years and has a special fondness for the Engineering Program. As a young adult just getting started in the workforce, Allen worked in steel fabrication where he met several engineers and developed an interest in the subject.

“I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to teach engineering,” he shared. “It is such a satisfying position to watch students as they learn to recognize the problem and then work to develop a solution.” 

Allen also appreciates the variety of work students experience within the Engineering Program. Whether it be designing a rocket, making an airplane, building a model bridge, or testing wind loads on a skyscraper, students can explore the diversity of the field.  

Just as Drew Greenwood has enjoyed success in his career in the engineering field, David Allen looks forward to many future students doing the same. 

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