Health Science Students Gain Hands-On Experience During Clinical Rotations

The New Castle Career Center Health Science Education (HSE) program students are underway
in their clinical rotations. By working clinical rotations, students gain the experience and insight
into their future careers. The students are also required to complete clinical time to earn
certifications and college credits.

The students begin their clinical rotations at Henry Community Health, where they can
experience a variety of medical avenues. The rotations include ambulatory care, emergency
department, imaging department, pharmacy, athletic training, and more.

“The clinical experiences are important for students to go through,” explained Instructor Angie
Talbott. “They give the students the opportunity to examine the various health professions and
determine which is right for them.”

HSE year one students spend their first 10 weeks of the school year preparing for clinicals by
learning theory and practicing patient care skills in the lab. During the first year of the program,
students are given the opportunity to earn their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate.

HSE year two students start the school year by reviewing theory and skills, while also learning
about behavioral health, medical terminology, and health and wellness. Year two students
experience rotations in extended health care facilities, the hospital, home health care, and
other areas.

“Having the opportunity to be in HSE II has helped us all further our careers before anyone
else,” noted Jaime Tully, CNA, HSE II Student. “We’ve been able to earn more college credits,
learn more about the field we want to pursue, and get much more experience in our fields.”

The New Castle Career Center offers hands-on experience within all 17 programs that students
can take advantage of during their junior and senior years of high school. For more information,