Health Science Students Successfully Plan and Promote Blood Drive

Students from the New Castle Career Center Health Science Education Program recently had success in planning, organizing, and promoting a local blood drive. The blood drive was held on October 4 at New Castle High School. Planning and preparation began the week of September 27, with students creating presentations on the importance of donating blood. 

A great deal of effort went into the research and planning of the student presentations. Once the students completed their presentations, they visited other Career Center classrooms and students to show what they had learned and recruit individuals to sign up to donate blood. 

On the day of the blood drive, students were able to see the fruits of their labor, as 67 people made the selfless act of donating blood, and a total of 45 units of blood were collected. With each unit of blood equating to three lives being saved, the student-organized blood drive resulted in 135 lives being saved. 

Versiti Blood Center of Indiana was the blood collector and gave out fun colored socks and snacks to donators. 

Health Science Education Instructor Kendra Gentry expressed gratitude for the individuals and students who showed up for this event. 

“My students did an amazing job and took the initiative to save lives.”

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