New Castle Career Center Student Experiences Success and Fulfillment in Vet Science Program

Catherine Hannan has always had a deep love for animals. Even as a young girl, she can remember knowing she wanted to grow up to work with them in some capacity. Visiting the New Castle Career Center in 8th grade, she was instantly interested in the Veterinary Science Program. 

After visiting the Career Center for a second time in tenth grade, and learning all of the benefits the school offers its participants, Catherine knew the Career Center was the route she wanted to pursue her high school education. 

 “They give their students first-hand experience and a deeper understanding of what the students may want to do with their lives,” she noted. “Students have the ability to earn college credits and participate in an externship. I’m so grateful for the Career Center allowing me to work closely with animals.”

Catherine is now in her second year of the Veterinary Science Program and was recently accepted into the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at Purdue University. She appreciates the importance of her education through the Career Center and the value of the experiences she’s had. 

“I’ve had so many positive experiences with animals, large and small, through my time working at farms, clinics, and shelters. I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Growing up and developing these connections solidified my decision to pursue a career in the animal science field,” Catherine shared. 

Catherine’s life and journey has not been one without adversity. Having to take on more responsibilities than most her age due to complicated family circumstances has only added to the drive she has to succeed as a future veterinarian. She stated, “I’m not upset that I’ve had to grow up faster than others my age. I think the responsibilities have made me a hard worker and be a better person.” 

Melody Warner, instructor for the Veterinary Science Program at the Career Center agrees with this sentiment. 

“Catherine is self-driven, and determined to meet her goals, knows the value of education, is organized and is responsible. She has a critical-thinking mind with an ability to problem-solve with a calm demeanor. These traits will serve her well in becoming a veterinarian.” Warner added. “She has been driven from the beginning. However, in that process, she has dealt with difficult family issues. Never once has she complained or felt helpless, only hope for the future. She has strived to go after every opportunity I have put in front of her.” 

As Catherine’s time at the Career Center is nearing an end, she would like to encourage anyone interested in a career in Veterinary Science to consider gaining experience in the field first. 

“I enjoy working at the animal clinic the most. I watch surgeries, give vaccines, run tests, do blood draws, and so much more. This has given me a great look into what my future will look like as a veterinarian, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve grown close with the staff and learned so much about their lives and how they got here. Dr. Brad and his amazing staff have all been great mentors for me,” shared Catherine. Going on to add, “it really takes a lot of passion and love for animals to get up every day knowing you can’t save them all. Euthanasia isn’t easy and you may be exposed to the worst of what people can do to animals, but if you truly care about animals and want to spend the rest of your life caring for them then you’ll see that the good outweighs the bad.” 
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