New Castle Career Center Students Sign On For Future Employment and Education

The New Castle Career Center recently held a Signing Day event to recognize outstanding students from multiple programs. Signing Day is dedicated to acknowledging students who have secured full-time employment with their internship employers. The event also honors students furthering their education through the Indiana Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (INFAME) at Vincennes University, while simultaneously working with their employers to complete their degrees. This year marked a special occasion as the Signing Day ceremony included Dental and Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education programs.

Mackenzie Jackson, the Director of the New Castle Career Center, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “It is truly gratifying to witness more students gain full-time employment through the Career Center’s work-based learning experiences.”

Under the leadership of Greg Dickerson, the Precision Machining program achieved yet another successful year in placing graduates in full-time employment. Prominent companies such as Crown Equipment, Magna Machine, and Spiceland Wood Products have actively participated in hiring these talented students. Bryan Logan, Destiny Jolley, John Craft, Ethan Hinton, and Trey Akers, all graduates of NCHS and holders of Ivy Tech Machine Tool Certificates, have joined these organizations.

Similarly, Ronnie Perrin’s Welding Technology program has played a crucial role in preparing students for promising careers. Successful placements include Reese Bates at Koorsen Fire & Security and Nolan Peacock at Major Tool. Reese and Nolan completed the Ivy Tech Structural Welding Certificate program, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in their respective roles.

Jada Briar, a student in the Dental Program from HHS, and Eric Coomer, an Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education student from NCHS, also secured full-time employment. Jada will be joining Golliher Family Dentistry, while Eric has committed to Henry County REMC.

In addition to providing advanced career placement opportunities, the New Castle Career Center takes immense pride in facilitating higher education prospects for its students. Several individuals have gained acceptance into esteemed institutions such as Ivy Tech, Hobart, and the University of Northern Ohio. Students including Daniel Sparks, Josh Abbott, Clayton Lovett, Alexander Frost, Isaac Goble, and Cole Klingle have been admitted into various programs.

Pia Mahaffey, a BRV graduate, and holder of an Ivy Tech Machine Tool Certificate, has made the admirable decision to enlist in the Marines.

“We are grateful to the dedicated employers who collaborate with the students to develop their skills,” shared Jackson.

This year the ceremony included two generous donations from REMC and Haas. The funds will go to purchase supplies and equipment for students at the Career Center. “We are grateful for community partners willing to support students in multiple facets,” explained Greg Dickerson, Machine Trades instructor. For more information about the New Castle Career Center, follow them on Facebook, visit their website at, or contact them at (765) 593-6680.