Retired Ambulance Donated to New Castle Career Center

The New Castle Career Center (NCCC) EMT & Public Safety career program added another tool to help train students—a retired working ambulance. The program already has an EMT ambulance simulator, which teaches the students how to properly operate an ambulance. The new ambulance, however, will give students real insight on working with and on a moving ambulance.

New Castle EMS Chief Troy Gibbs approached EMT Instructor Bill Hufford, explaining he wanted to donate a retired ambulance to the NCCC. Hufford immediately jumped on the opportunity, knowing that it would be a phenomenal training tool for students to utilize.

“Our indoor training simulator is great, and used to the full extent, but it cannot give students the feel of doing CPR on a patient while the ambulance is in motion,” Hufford explained. “Also, when we go off site to train, we have to load and unload equipment. Now we can keep the unit fully stocked and ready to go!”

Hufford is a state emergency vehicle operator instructor and can now offer the EVOC course to area fire departments and EMS units, as well as to his students. This will be a way for the EMT course to create revenue for the program and certify area responders.

“It will be a great class project putting the unit together and will serve as yet another education moment where students can learn exactly how to stock an ambulance unit,” Hufford added.

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