Welding Program Receives Award in Hot Rod Competition

The New Castle Career Center Welding Program proudly announces its recent participation in the World of Wheels Car Show held in Indianapolis. Students began work on the car entered during the 2021-2022 school year. 

Instructor Ronnie Perrin began the work on the automobile by designing the front of the chassis to get the students started. Students that were ahead in their classwork were then able to begin design on the rear portion of the vehicle. The car started as a 1931 Ford Model A Roadster car body. 

As the hot rod started to come together, Perrin had to bring in the necessary components required for the build. Students were very engaged throughout the project. As noted by Perrin, “The students have been very engaged in the project and have done about 50% of the design and 95% of the welding. I even had a few students that would meet me at school an hour early in the mornings to get a head start on it.” 

The car was entered into the Motorama portion of the World of Wheels Car Show Competition held in Indianapolis. The judges were very impressed with the vehicle. They were shocked at the amount of design and fabrication completed in such a short time.

Due to the excellent quality of the work entered, students received an award in a recently created category. They left the competition as winners of the “Rising Stars” award. Although the vehicle is not entirely finished, this recognition motivated students to return to class and complete the job. 

“There is quite a bit of work yet to do, but we are hopeful to have it on the road at the end of this school year,” Perrin shared.  

For more information about the Welding Program at the New Castle Career Center, visit their website at nccareercenter.org or reach them by phone at (765) 593-6680.