Community Partnerships Blossom Through Property And Facility Management Program

Property and Facility Management is one of the newest programs at the New Castle Career Center. Taught by instructor Josh Richardson, this program teaches high school students safety, communication, and construction skills.   

Richardson has been teaching for sixteen years in a variety of roles: from elementary school to adult education, and now at the Career Center. He currently leads a group of thirteen students in the two-year program and values the learning process the students undergo while in his class. 

“Property and Facility Management is unique in that the students gain hands-on experience from projects we do in the public. We utilize our curriculum to gain construction-specific skills and then use that new knowledge on various projects around the community,” Richardson noted.  

During their time in this program, students are continually learning about various skilled trade jobs available and are introduced to jobs they may have never heard of before. Field trips and community participation are vital components of the student’s development. 

This year, students have completed a variety of landscaping jobs such as refurbishing the flower areas at Neal Field and weeding at the Danielson Center and EMS building. They also assisted with the layout of Baker Park’s new frisbee golf course and helped a community member by building a ramp needed for their elderly dog, who was having trouble getting up the stairs. The class is currently working on the farrowing barn at Blue River High  School.  Community partnerships with organizations such as New Castle Main Street, Baker Park, and the Art Association of Henry County have allowed many learning opportunities and will continue to do so in the future. 

Richardson appreciates these community relationships and credits them for the increased confidence he has seen his students gain in their own skills and abilities. 

“Naturally we have lessons that we pour over, but this class is based on doing projects outside the classroom,” he shared. 

If you would like more information about the New Castle Career Center Property and Facility Management Program, follow the New Castle Career Center on Facebook, visit the website at or call the New Castle Career Center at (765) 593-6680.