Your career starts here

Support the Career Center

Career programs need support from the community to insure that students are learning the skills and practices currently used in the real world. Consider supporting programs in the following ways:

Serve on an Advisory Committee

Each program has an advisory committee responsible
for reviewing curriculum, recommending equipment,
and assisting the instructor with placing students in internships. Advisory committees meet 2-3 times per year and consult the instructor as needed.



Provide Internships and Related Work Experiences

Several programs require students to complete an internship for a specific number of hours in businesses related to the career area. Seniors may complete their program requirements early and seek a paid position.

Donate Supplies and Equipment

Students consume lots of materials learning skills in various programs. Tools and equipment are continually updated and replaced.  Please consider donating materials. Items  donated are tax deductible.

Support Cooperative Education

NCCC has an ICE program that provides seniors with a supervised work experience through the school year. Students work daily in afternoon jobs with the guidance of a program coordinator. They attend a related class weekly to learn the skills necessary for successful employment, as well as managing adult responsibilities.  The ICE program is always searching for new employers.

Be a Guest Speakers or Host a Field Trip

Instructors have professionals speak in order to provide insight and expertise in the career areas. Students are taken on field trips regularly to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Financial Support

Supporters of NCCC help support the career center in a variety of ways. These funds allow us to continue providing high-quality student development and career programs.

Call the career center office at 765-593-6680 to find out more about how to support the career education of students.