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NCCC Dress Code

  1. Wearing apparel that is unclean, unhealthy, or unsafe is not permitted.  This includes clothing that is too large to wear (oversized pants and shirts) and wallet chains.  Students should also not wear clothing that is excessively torn, including jeans, or pants, or shorts with holes that expose undergarments.
  2. Shorts worn during school hours, except in P.E. classes, must be below the fingertips with both arms fully extended and be worn above the hips.  Any other exceptions will be made by administration. No large holes may be present above the fingertips.
  3. Tops must cover the chest area with no cleavage exposed and no excessive exposure of the back and abdomen.  Mesh and lace tops must have a compliant garment underneath. Tube tops, strapless shirts and strapless dresses are prohibited.  Wear the proper foundation garments and do not wear clothing that is inappropriate or too revealing.
  4. No article of clothing will be allowed that has profanity (including communication with double meanings), racial slurs, satanic references, sexual connotations, or apparel that promotes or advertises alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. Students are not allowed to wear clothing with symbols that are illegal, immoral, and socially objectionable, such as violence, blood, killing, death, or sex.  In addition, any apparel that promotes or portrays graphic violence, extremes in antisocial behavior, suggests inappropriate ideas or behavior, or may be    a detriment to promoting the orderly function of the school is not allowed.
  5. Hats (fish hooks are prohibited) are permitted to be worn in the building and must be school appropriate.  A teacher has the discretion to ask for students to remove his/her hat in the classroom. Accommodations will be provided for sincerely-held religious beliefs.  
  6. Hoods and sunglasses are not permitted in the school building at any time.
  7. No bare feet are allowed.  Students must wear protective footwear that covers the soles of the feet.  Slippers are not permitted in the building at any time.  No spurs, spikes or wheels are permitted on shoes.
  8. Pants cannot sag below the hips or to the point where undergarments are visible. Any clothing which reveals undergarments or the lack of undergarments will be considered inappropriate and will be treated as a disciplinary matter.
  9. Blankets are not permitted in the building.    
  10. Skirts and dresses must be in good taste.  The length of skirts, dresses, and shorts must not be  overly revealing, nor disruptive to the school environment.  Skirts are not so short or tight that one cannot sit in a modest fashion.