New Fire and Rescue Program Begins in Fall of 2024 at New Castle Career Center

The New Castle Career Center is offering a new opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Services. The Fire and Rescue Program which begins in the fall of 2024 allows students to earn four state fire certifications while still in high school. Students will learn in the classroom and have hands-on training at the Henry County Fire Training Center.

Instructor Answers The Call to Fire and Rescue

In the mid-1990s, Fire and Rescue Program Instructor Tim Welch began his career in Emergency Services as a Paramedic. Through this work, he had the opportunity to work with firefighters and discovered his calling to switch careers to Fire and Rescue.

“The compassion, dedication, and worldwide connection firefighters have with each other was real. The hands-on work, as well as the tactical process, were extremely challenging and, at the same time, so rewarding,” Welch remarked. “Firefighting isn’t like any other trade. It is a calling. We work together, live together, train together, and, in the end, WIN together as a team.”

Fire and Rescue Career Field Requirements

The Fire and Rescue career field needs dedicated and motivated students passionate about becoming firefighters. Career firefighters will instruct students in both the physical training and Fire Academy requirements. These include:

  • Search and rescue procedures
  • Victim removal
  • Fire suppression
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) functionality skills
  • Fire ground operations
  • Hazardous material training
  • Fire behavior/concepts of safety standards
  • Curriculum on fire protection systems, fire prevention and safety education, building construction and floor plans, fire, safety, and construction codes.

All Fire and Rescue students must do hands-on team activities in high-stress situations, complete an IHSAA sports physical, and participate in high physical activity.

Welch expressed his anticipation of beginning the new program and welcoming new students, stating, “The excitement that comes with students learning something that they can use in a field they can be proud of is great. The transition from student to a firefighter is truly a process to be celebrated, and I look forward to sharing that experience with them.”

Upon completion of the program, students will have earned 12 total credits. Interested students can contact their School Counselor for an application. Once the application has been processed, students will be contacted to set up an interview.