Machine Trades Graduates Implement Skills Gained At The New Castle Career Center Working at Crown Equipment

The Machine Trades program at the New Castle Career Center boasts high employment and post-secondary education enrollment. Three recent graduates, Nicole (Painter) Jinks, Jeremiah Sexton, and Jason Dishman all landed full-time careers at Crown Equipment Corporation. 

Exploring the Creative Side of Manufacturing
Nicole (Painter) Jinks, a CNC Lathe Operator at Crown Equipment, appreciates opportunities to train new employees and knows she is a productive and valuable employee. She has a creative side, too.

“I enjoy being creative, and there’s something amazing about taking a chunk of metal and turning it into something useful or even just something pretty,” she shared.

Nicole finds it rewarding to be part of an industry that’s ever-changing and constantly advancing, so there’s always something new to learn. She values the project-based learning she experienced at the New Castle Career Center.

“The Machine Trades program gave me the building blocks for almost every aspect of my day-to-day work,” explained Nicole. 

She has this advice for students considering Machine Trades: “If it’s something that truly interests you, learn as much as you can about the computer side of it. If you co-op and get a job, take it seriously. You’ll be expected to act like an adult, especially if you want to be treated like one.” 

Hands-On Training Pays Off
Jeremiah Sexton is a Third Shift Machining Team Lead at Crown and makes good use of the training he received at the New Castle Career Center. At his current position, he regularly applies what he learned about blueprint reading, how to make a quality part, and how to understand the mathematical side of machining.

“Hands-on training with manual mills, lathes, tools, and process” are among the skills he finds especially valuable in his current career. 

Jeremiah chose machining because it interested him, and he enjoys that his career provides him with the opportunity to grow and learn. He also finds the pay and benefits rewarding: “Depending on your employer, there is always room for career advancements.” 

He shares this encouragement for future machine trades students: “If you are somewhat mechanically inclined and have the ability to pay close attention to detail, you have the groundwork to become an exceptional machinist. There are no dumb questions in this line of work. Every question asked is an opportunity for growth.”

‘The Sky Is The Limit For Your Opportunities’
Jason Dishman is a First Shift Machining Group Leader and deals with a little bit of everything in his role including engineering, maintenance, management, quality control, and planning. 

“I enjoy the constant change in my day-to-day activities,” he shared. He gained an understanding of the fundamentals of machining during his time at the New Castle Career Center, which led to an internship at Crown Equipment.

“It is a field that once you know it, the sky is the limit for your opportunities,” Jason expressed. “It is also an industry that is constantly evolving. As a motivated individual, you can constantly improve yourself.”

He finds it rewarding to teach those around him new things and urges students considering machine trades to stay engaged and keep an open mind to ideas. 

“Your way may not always be the best way. Pay attention to the details, allow yourself to be a sponge when it comes to knowledge, and work hard to be the best you can be,” he concluded.

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