New Castle Career Center’s National Technical Honor Society Induction Celebrates Excellence

The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), established in 1984, is a national nonprofit organization that celebrates students’ achievements in Career and Technical Education (CTE). NTHS fosters the development of future skilled workers and leaders by providing chapter activities centered around four core objectives: career development, leadership development, service, and recognition.

On Tuesday, March 14, New Castle Career Center spent the day celebrating students at the NTHS Induction Ceremony at Bundy Auditorium. This year, the NTHS Induction Ceremony witnessed a record-breaking 197 Career Center students inducted into the esteemed society. Among these talented individuals, 74 students extended their membership.

To be considered for this honor, students must meet several criteria. Students must obtain a recommendation for membership from their career program instructor. New Castle Career Center instructors nominate students based on their fulfillment of NTHS criteria and their demonstration of leadership, professionalism, and employability skills within their respective programs.

In their first semester, NTHS students must maintain a B+ average in their career program. Seniors must also have a B average at their home school, while juniors must maintain a B- in all classes taken through the previous semester. All candidates must have good attendance, reflecting their employability skills. Furthermore, students must complete four hours of community service by the end of their first semester.

As NTHS members, students gain a lifetime of benefits. Annually, NTHS awards nearly $300,000 in scholarships, providing financial support for members pursuing higher education. Additionally, members enjoy discounts on school and office supplies and access to partner programs. Beyond high school, NTHS students continue to have opportunities for success through scholarships, job placement assistance, and educational resources, setting them up for long-term growth and achievement.

For more information about programs available at the New Castle Career Center, visit or reach out by phone at (765) 593-6680.