New Castle Career Center- New Instructors

The New Castle Career Center recently welcomed two new program instructors. Lauren Hankenhoff joins the Health Science Education program and Don Criswell leads the Building Trades program.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. She decided to apply for the position at the Career Center because she has always enjoyed the teaching aspect of Nursing.

“Over the years I served as a preceptor (instructor) to new nurses,” Lauren explained. “I really loved being a mentor to them.”

As the school year progresses, Lauren is eager to form relationships with her students and watch them learn new skills and grow as individuals. Hankenhoff was attracted to the New Castle Career Center’s broad range of opportunities for students, as well as the ability for students to earn college credits along the way.

“The amount of support the Career Center gives students to be successful is unmatched,” added Lauren. “I can’t wait to teach my students the hands-on skills of nursing, as well as how to have an empathetic heart.”

Don has 41 years of carpentry experience that he is very excited to share with his students. He is ready to teach his students skills that will stick with them for a lifetime.

“I’ve been driving nails since I was five years old,” Don noted. “In high school, I was a student in the first Building Trades class in 1976. I want to teach my students skills that they may not have an opportunity to learn.”

Over the school year, the Building Trades program will be building a house for Habitat for Humanity. Don is ready to share his wisdom with his students- not only about how to be successful in life, but also how to enjoy every day of work.

“A technical education is one of the best options for students,” Don continued. “No matter what my students decide to do after high school, at least they’ll know how to repair things.”

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