Preparing Students For Success At The New Castle Career Center

A growing number of students are discovering the benefits of enrolling in the New Castle Career Center (NCCC). More than 515 students are currently enrolled at the Center, representing New Castle, Tri, Knightstown, Hagerstown, Shenandoah, Union, Eastern Hancock, and Blue River Valley. 

NCCC is hosting an open house for interested students and families on Thursday, November 30, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Students can learn about the following programs: Broadcasting, CDL, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Education Careers, Engineering Careers, Health Science Education, Machine Trades, Supply Chain and Logistics, Welding, Building Trades, Computer Operations, Criminal Justice, Dental Careers, EMT & Public Safety, Graphic Design, ICE Cooperative Education, Property & Facility Maintenance, and Veterinary Science.  

“The programs at the New Castle Career Center set all students up for success regardless of their career path.  Students can graduate making more money, have real work experiences, community contacts, college credit, industry certifications, and career contacts all by attending NCCC,” stated Mackenzie Jackson, New Castle Career Center Director. “ They can use that opportunity to work on a higher level degree, receive an increased military rank, or work their way towards a better career.”

Students at the New Castle Career Center find five key benefits through enrolling:

1. Hands-on experiences
The motto for the New Castle Career Center is “Don’t just dream. Do.” Career Center students spend most of their time on experiential learning, guided by instructors with field experience. They regularly take field trips to sites related to their industries and also welcome guest speakers who have succeeded in the area students are studying.

2. Work-based learning
Students at the New Castle Career Center have opportunities to interact in real workplace settings or in simulated educational environments. This allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of the tasks associated with their selected field. Students participate in internships, clinical work, and capstone projects once they learn the skills at the Career Center.  

3. Tuition savings
During the 2022-23 school year, New Castle Career Center students earned 2,987 dual credits providing their families $530,365 in tuition savings. The Career Center also helps administrate the Early College Enrollment program for area high schools. Ninety students enrolled last year with a significant number graduating with an associate degree.  The courses are all transferable at Indiana state schools and help students earn required courses in high school without costs.  The classes also count towards the student’s high school graduation requirements.

4. Community involvement
Students and staff actively participate in the community in multiple ways. The culinary program students regularly assist with large catering events, and Property and Facility Maintenance students assist with community beautification projects and accessibility assignments. The Health Sciences program hosts an annual blood drive, while EMT students take blood pressure readings at the local Wal-Mart. Through these experiences, students get to know their community better and develop a sense of pride in where they live.

5. Successful outcomes
Graduates of the New Castle Career Center typically experience career success relatively quickly. They have gained the certifications needed to thrive in their field, along with the “soft skills” that employers desire. For the past several years, the New Castle Career Center has hosted a Signing Day for students who are ready for employment right after graduation. The Center often hears back about students who have gained tremendous benefits from their time at the New Castle Career Center, which set them on a faster path toward success.

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling with the New Castle Career Center, plan to attend the Open House on Thursday, November 30, from 7-8:30 pm.