Shaping the Future: Welding Instructor Receives Ivy Tech Award

With nearly two decades of welding expertise, Ronnie Perrin’s journey began as a hobby. In 2010, his passion transformed into a professional endeavor when welding and fabrication became a full-time career. By 2014, he had acquired a 6,000-square-foot building, solidifying his commitment to the craft. Over the past two decades, Mr. Perrin has cherished many moments, but none compare to his pride as an instructor. Since 2020, he has had the privilege of working as a Welding Instructor at New Castle Career Center, where the joy of working with his students is his biggest accomplishment.

Mr. Perrin describes teaching it as a lifelong learning process. He highlighted the collaborative learning environment at the Career Center: “I learn alongside my students every day.” Mr. Perrin emphasized the significance of the two years spent with students, as it equips them with a well-paid skill and instills a desire for continuous learning and improvement in the craft.

Mr. Perrin’s students applaud his helpfulness, patience, and teaching excellence. Some of them had this to say:

“He helps us understand things we can’t comprehend. He’s the nicest guy I know, to be honest. Great Teacher!!!”

“Mr. Perrin has the hardest trade class to teach with a lot of students and has taught the class exceptionally.”

“Mr. Perrin is exceptional because he lets students work at their own pace. He is an amazing teacher and is very involved with showing how things are done with demonstrations, as well as drawings. He explains things very well, and he will never hesitate to help if you need it. He is a great teacher.”

Candice Allen is a welding student in Mr. Perrin’s class. Inspired by her uncle and grandfather, both welders, Candice joined the program to challenge gender stereotypes. Her passion for welding began when she tried her hand at it in elementary school. After graduation, Candice plans to further her education at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Ohio.

She attributes much of her success to Mr. Perrin: “I appreciate the fact that he is always willing to help. He is constantly making sure that we understand what we are being taught and if we don’t get what he is teaching he goes above and beyond to be able to help us to understand what we’re learning.”

Mr. Perrin’s outstanding teaching and dedication to guiding students have yielded remarkable results. In recognition of his efforts, Ivy Tech awarded him with the President’s Award for Excellence in Dual Credit Instruction for the Muncie-Henry County campus. Among the nineteen winners, he will present a portfolio for evaluation. At a gala in June 2024, one nominee from this group will be announced as the winner and celebrated for their outstanding contributions to education.

Rebekah Ireland, the Executive Director of K-14 Initiatives at Ivy Tech Community College in Muncie, says of Mr. Perrin’s instruction, “Mr. Perrin is a true master at his craft. I admire that he not only teaches the students proper welding techniques but always emphasizes safety. He shows the students that welding is a trade but that it is also an art.” Ireland also stated, “Ivy Tech is proud to have Mr. Perrin represent the Muncie-Henry County campus.”

At New Castle Career Center, dual-credit students can obtain a Certificate in Structural Welding. Mr. Perrin is certified to teach these classes using the same rigorous standards that Ivy Tech uses for on-campus instructors.

The Welding Technology program at NCCC is a hands-on, two-year program. Students gain skills in fundamental welding techniques, work on advanced projects, and pursue AWS Certifications. Additionally, they complete internships and participate in student competitions. Students interested in welding typically possess an aptitude for hands-on work, are seeking a career in a technical field, can work independently, maintain focus, and demonstrate strong mathematical abilities.

Mackenzie Jackson, Director at NCCC, states, “Mr. Perrin is an amazing educator who works hard to make the Next Level Program of Study, Ivy Tech, and AWS curriculum fun for students. He finds projects in the curriculum that excite students. Mr. Perrin works with each student to create an individualized learning plan based on the student’s career goals.” Furthermore, she expressed being proud of Ronnie Perrin’s daily commitment to preparing students for employment, military service, and higher education.

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